The works not over!

Wow! What an amazing past 3 months we have had. Never did I we think that our little local honey business would be such a success! Our little buzzy friends are still out collecting nectar for as long as they can as many plants are still flowering due to our unseasonably warm September and October. However, it won't be long before the bees take a well needed rest over the winter. They will collect stores of honey to feed off but if the winter is long and hard, we need to do something to ensure the bees have enough store to help them survive over the winter. So what do we do? Plant winter flowers? No.

Move them half way across the world were it's technically still summer?

Of course not!

We feed them a sugar syrup with a carefully formulated blend of essential oils that are vital to bee health. In this video John explains how and why we do this.... Enjoy!

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